Food is my passion and my 1st love. And yes I will admit that this love(or you can say craving) of my food leads me to experiments with my taste buds. Cooking was one territory which I tried only once or twice till I started my job in Mumbai. Though I liked cooking and playing with ingredients but never experimented lot as all the special food I loved was available in abundant  while I was in India. The tough and main job started when I moved to US last year with my better half. Being dependent and just married there was no option left for me but to cook and being a real foodie it helped me lot. Eating everyday simple homemade food was a big challenge for me. So steadily I started cooking delicacies which I would have never tried if had been in India. The task also became easier because of all handy equipments easily available here in US. Experiments started with (obviously) my hubby and gradually his praise and critics boosted my confidence with the food. The praise for my cooked food urged me to write it down where i can share my cooking experience. This is just a start and have to go long way in exploring the food world. Comments and views are welcomed.

  1. Liz says:

    Thank you for stopping by my blog and for your kind words. I look forward to seeing more of your posts. Wish you all the best in your quest to cook!!!

  2. Hey I have an offer for you reply back. I saw your blog its just awwwsummmm !!!

  3. We have upcoming a website for foodies so I would like you to share your recipes there on our blog Pls check : http://blog.plattershare.com/ Facebook: http://www.plattershare.com/plattershare.

  4. Great !!! You send in your recipes at hi@plattershare.com

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