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Ras Malai is a very popular milk based Indian dessert found commonly in weddings, special occasion or at home. Its originated in West Bengal (state in eastern part of India). In Hindi, ‘Ras’ means “juice/juicy” and “Malai” means “cream”. Its very rich in texture and flavor. Its composed of sugary white or yellow colored flattened balls of Paneer (cottage cheese) soaked in Ras (milk sauce) flavored with cardamom. It is one of my favorite dessert since childhood as I love its juiciness. You can impress your family and friends by making this dessert at home as it is very easy to make. When you are running short of time, you can substitute Malai with store bought Rasgullas (Indian sweet found in Indian/Asian grocery store).
Ingredients :-

Whole Milk
8 cups
Lemon Juice
2 tablespoon
5 cups
1 cup
a generous pinch
Cardamom Powder
1/4 teaspoon
Pistachios & Almonds, Roughly chopped
2 tablespoon
Sugar for the ras( milk sauce )
to taste

Method :-

  • Take one steel pan and pour 4 cup of milk into it.
  • Take another pan preferably non stick and boil rest of the 4 cup of milk into it. I use non stick because the milk has to be reduced half in quantity and it keep on sticking to the pan while this process. Keep the flame low and keep stirring continuously so that milk does not stick to the pan.
  • Once the milk in steel pan starts boiling add the lemon juice to it.
  • Milk will soon start curdling. This curdle milk is paneer or cottage cheese. Switch off the stove and strain the paneer in cheese or muslin cloth.
  • Pour a little cold water over the paneer and hang the cheese/muslin cloth on the tap for approx 30 minutes to remove all of the liquid.
  • Remove the paneer from cheese/muslin cloth and run it in a food processor so that it comes out very smooth.
  • Divide the paneer into 12 equal portions in a size little smaller than of ping pong balls.
  • Roll the portions in your hands to make a smooth ball. Lightly press the ball until it flattens out.
  • Take a pressure cooker. Add water to it and dissolve 1 cup sugar. When sugar fully dissolves add the flattened paneer.
  • Close the lid and cook until one whistle sounds. Immediately switch off the stove and set the timer for exactly 5 minutes.
  • After 5 minutes, carefully take the pressure cooker to the sink and pour cold water over the lid to remove the pressure.
  • Open the cooker lid and you will see the flattened ball has grown twice in size. Take the balls out with the help of any slotted spoon. Let them cool.
  • Meanwhile the milk in non stick pan should have reduced to half. Add saffron, sugar to taste, nuts and cardamom powder and give it a good stir.
  • Switch off the stove and keep it aside. This is your ras or milk sauce.
  • Once the paneer is cool enough to handle with your hands, gently squeeze out the sugar syrup from the paneer and place the paneer into a serving dish.
  • Pour the ras ( milk sauce) on top of the paneer balls and refrigerate it to chill.
  • At the time of serving garnish it with some chopped nuts.


Note :-

  • You can use evaporated milk instead of reducing whole milk to half. Just boil it once with all the ingredients added to it and its ready as malai.
  • If you don’t have food processor you can soften the paneer with hands. It just take some more time.
  • Never try to replace whole milk with any other kind of milk with lesser content of fat. Lesser the fat of milk lesser will be the quantity of paneer.

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